Smartwatch easy boomer
Tersedia 3 Warna :\n1. Hitam\n2. Biru\n3. Merah\n\nYour personal 24/7 Health Secretary \nWith Blood Pressure,Heart Rate And Blood Oxygen Monitor\nAlong with Step/Calories/Distance/Sleep Monitor /Incoming call\n/Alarm Clock(weChat/QQ/Facebook/Twitter) Funtion\n\nWith a 80mAh battery capacity which can be used for 3-4 days straight and 6 days on standby\n\nHeart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor\nOpen App function,the bracelet will automatically measure heart rate,blood pressure\nand blood oxygen with accurate measurement data with reliability\n\nStep motion meter\nRecord all kinds of sports data all day\nThis smart bracelet uses new hardware that can record your movement steps with motion\nmeter,step mileage,calories burn,effectively filters in the high frequency jitter\nwhich under the absence movement condition with accuracy\n\nSleeping monitor + CLock\nView the depth of your sleep through the APP,you can grasp your sleep duration and\nquality. \nIntimate alarm Vibration,instead of using cellphone alarm \n\nSmart Reminder\nYou will never miss any incoming calls or messages or any other type of notifications\nfrom social platforms with this bracelet.You will be notified everytime there is any\ntype of call/messages/notifications\n\nAnti lost\nYou can set a safety distance for your phone incase you get too far away from it,\nthe bracelet will send you reminders\n\nRaising your hands will brighten the screen\n\nWaterproof\nYou can wear this as you usualy do when you go wash your hands
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